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Library Book Circulation Policy

Book Circulation is a very important part of the library. It is the duty of librarians and library staff to provide prompt service to every student, teachers This section ensures the use of books by readers by offering them issue/return facilities. It is responsible for giving books to the users, keeping records of what has been given to whom; what has been returned or what is overdue now. When the books, documents are returned to the library, it is the duty of the circulation section to put them back on shelves, at the right places, and also get them repaired if the need arises. This section has record of all the books which are issued to the users, and which are still on the shelves. This section keeps records of all registered users of the library – their transactions, Library circulation or library lending  Comprises the activities around the lending of library books and other material to users of a lending library.. A circulation or lending department is one of the key departments of a library. Library Circulation is  the function of lending library materials (books, serials, sound recordings, moving images, cartographic materials, etc., that are owned by a library) to the users of the library. In any size or type of library (public, school, academic, or special), the circulation department provides the library user with the means of utilizing materials housed in the library. The basic purpose of circulation is the  control and regulation and regulation of library materials.          

Functions Of Circulations

·         Lending materials to library users

·         Checking in materials returned

·         materials for damage and routing them to the appropriate staff for repair or replacement

·         Llibrary circulation software, scanners, printers, etc.

·         Creation of borrowers pockets, i.e. when using the issue

·         Communicate via Mobile, email.

·         Maintain the stacks by re-shelving materials in library by call number whether Dewey Decimal system.


Book Circulation system in our library is as follows. First of all students, teachers,& non teaching staff Scan the QR code while coming to the library. Students & teachers are given M-OPAC (Mobile Open Public Access Catalogue) system of Library Software. according to which the students can search whether the book is available in the library .M-OPAC system students can reservation  books. Students get information about New Arrivals books through M-OPAC system .

Open Access book system is kept for all readers.

Student takes the book from the Book Cupboard. if student needs help, a library staff help the students for search book. After that students comes to the circulation section of the library.  The libraries are also using barcode technology for issue / return of books  Then the barcode on the book is scanned and the book is given to the student entering the software & Manual Register.  Total of 10 books are issued in the name of a student for 10 days. after which the student returns the books taken after 10 days.

Dictionaries, maps and journals/magazine are issued in the library reading hall only.& entry in Register of Use of Library.